Interdictions: When A Loved One Needs Help And Protection

When a loved one becomes sick or disabled, it is the concerned family members who step up to make sure he or she is cared for. When the costs of care and medical treatment are significant, it can be overwhelming for a family and can even cause arguments. At H.L. Harper & Associates, we help families through these trying times.

If your elderly parent or another family member is no longer able to take care of himself or herself due to either physical or mental impairment, contact our compassionate team for assistance.

Our Louisiana and Texas family law lawyers help clients establish interdictions that designate a power of attorney for the incapacitated person. Similar to a guardianship, a power of attorney can be appointed to handle the person's financial affairs and/or personal decisions, including medical treatment. It can be customized based on individual needs.

Is A Power Of Attorney Right For Your Situation?

Sometimes people want to designate a power of attorney while they are still able to make decisions and care for themselves. In the event that something does happen, a plan is in place for their family members to follow, which reduces stress and turmoil for the family. Our attorneys regularly assist people in establishing powers of attorney and other estate planning services.

Get Caring Advice And A Free Consultation

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