Protecting Your Interests In A New Orleans Or Dallas Divorce

When most people decide to get married, they do not expect to get divorced. However, life doesn't always go as planned. Fortunately, divorce is a fairly simple process in Louisiana and Texas. However, hiring a knowledgeable divorce attorney to protect your rights and interests is extremely important as you work to settle all of the various issues that come along with divorce.

At H.L. Harper & Associates, we know that a divorce is rarely as cut-and-dry as it may seem. If you have children, child custody decisions can be emotional and difficult for everyone involved. Establishing child support or spousal support can also present a range of issues.

Our compassionate team of lawyers and staff is committed to bringing you through this time of turmoil as smoothly and stress-free as possible.

You Must Be Living Separate And Apart For A Certain Amount Of Time

You and your spouse can get divorced if you have been living separate and apart for:

  • 180 days if you do not have children
  • Or, one year if you have children

If you are currently separated and you are planning to divorce, our family law attorneys can help you through the process. Our goal is to provide you not only with the legal advice to help you reach the best possible outcome, but also the emotional support and respect that you need and deserve right now.

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