Do You Have A Plan In Place For The Future?

If something unexpected were to happen to you tomorrow, would you have a plan in place for your family? While it's never easy to think about what will happen after we are gone, it is important to draft a will and other estate planning documents while we are still alive and well.

At H.L. Harper & Associates, we help our clients with a range of estate planning matters. We want to make sure your family is cared for, that your assets go to the right people, and that there are no questions or disputes over your wishes.

We also assist families with the succession (probate) process following the death of a loved one.

Do You Need A Power Of Attorney, A Trust Or A Will?

Many people do not know what they need to do to create a will or what exactly is included in an estate plan. At H.L. Harper & Associates, we tell our clients that estate plans can be as broad or limited as a person wants them to be. The following are some possible documents or estate planning instruments that may be included in a comprehensive estate plan:

  • Will
  • Living will
  • Trust
  • Power of attorney: general and durable medical

We start by meeting with you and learning about your unique needs. While you might think you need a will, we will help you understand all of your options based on what you envision for your estate, including all of your property, bank accounts and other assets. Additionally, you may want to draft instructions regarding your health care and who will manage your finances in the event that you can no longer make decisions for yourself.

Learn About Your Options In A Free Initial Consultation

Contact our New Orleans, Louisiana, and Dallas, Texas, estate planning lawyers to learn more. For a free initial consultation, contact H.L. Harper & Associates at 504-541-6976. We offer flexible appointments, including evenings and weekends by request.

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